Friday, November 9, 2007

Green, my ass

First of all, Columbus Day, redux.

Secondly, a confession: I do not like "reality" TV (that is not the confession part---and yes, I really am going to use scare quotes around reality), but sometimes I watch "The Biggest Loser." This week I caught part of the "Green Week" episode. The challenge this week was that the contestants had to race up ramps to recycle several tons of soda cans. The team that recycled the most cans in weight won a 2008 Ford Escape hybrid SUV. A hybrid SUV.

Now if you'll please check out the second graphic with this article, the one that lists the Revised EPA Miles Per Gallon Estimates for several different types of vehicles. According to the graphic, 7 different kinds of cars get better gas mileage than the 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. In fact, the 2007 Toyota Prius gets 16 more mile/gallon city and highway combined than the 2007 Ford Escape Hybrid.

I think this is an excellent example of how the "green"/"environmental friendly" sticker is being slapped onto products and companies right now as just another marketing tool. Why did NBC pick the Ford Escape Hybrid (the less environmentally friendly car) over the Prius as a prize during their all-good-for-the-environment episode of the Biggest Loser? My guess is that Ford offered more money (that other "green") for the product placement of its cars.

So thanks, NBC, I guess this means two more (hybrid) SUVs out there on the road.


Meg said...

Okay, and did you also notice that when they were in the gym "without electricity" there were fans and lights on? Okay, so the treadmills aren't plugged in, but it looks like the AC is running!

drh said...

Haven't you seen the latest Ford SUV hybrid commercial??

A dad is driving his kid to go meet her friends and she wants him to drop her off several blocks away because they drive an SUV and she is embarrassed because people in "that part of town ride bikes and drive hybrids and stuff." Then dad enlightens daughter that their behemoth of a car is *also* a hybrid--yes! a "hybrid hybrid."
Dad is once again held in esteem by pre-teen child, because HUGE CARS can be environmentally "friendly" too!

BARF. The little text at the bottom says that the whatever-hybrid gets an estimated 27 mpg/highway or something shameful like that. If you want 27 mpg/highway, buy a 4-door sedan!

Americans want to think that they can have their green cake and eat it too.