Wednesday, February 6, 2008

February's Give plus two things I like

This month I've decided to give my monthly donation to the Women Under Forty Political Action Committee. On their website they state that their mission is to:
  • To help elect more young women to elected office so that young women have an equal voice in shaping public policy.
  • To build the seniority of women in Congress by electing women at a young age.
They also have a sister organization called "Running Start." Check out the info under the "Young Women" tab on their website, which includes a map of where young women are running for office, what they bring to the table, and links to other resources about young women and politics.

Also, if you're sick of all the election coverage and need something to do, please checkout the Philadelphia Free Library Podcast, which broadcasts (podcasts? streams?) the author lectures that have taken place recently at the library. I have particularly enjoyed Micheal Pollen and Robert Kamenetz's lectures. Also, via Feministing, I came across the Library of Congress's photostream on Flickr, which is absolutely amazing.

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