Saturday, September 15, 2007

First things first

Things you can expect from me (a non-exclusive list): bad grammar, terrible spelling, bouts of anger with sprinklings of rationality, inappropriate guilt, self-indulgence, an occasional funny story, political/feminist writing (probably poorly-informed political and feminist writing), deletion of comments that I just plain don't like, regular posting (my goal is daily), spurts of commenting and then silence, complaints, gratitudes, and a frustrating inability to follow the advice that strangers on the internet give to me.

Things you won't read here: specific work discussion and personal life stuff regarding friends' and family's private lives.

Things I expect from someone who reads me: All contents of this blog are copyrighted under the Author's real name (that's me). 2007. So please don't lift any of my contents without asking first. Also, I hate that I have to say this, but from watching the experience of other bloggers I think that I must, any comments of a threatening nature will be reported to the proper authorities, so don't bother with that. Other than all that serious stuff (and the fact that I don't even have any readers yet), do what you will and we'll work any kinks out later.

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