Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Yesterday morning I heard this segment on NPR's Morning Edition about the rising cost of dairy products. As the segment explains, although milk is generally a local product, the price of skim-milk powder, which is used in many products, has risen. Dairy producers may focus on making skim-milk powder, increasing the shortage in milk production (which is already increasing for many reasons as the NPR segment explains). As supplies go down, prices go up.

After hearing this piece, I realized I had no idea where Harris Teeter, one of the local grocery stores, gets its milk. A quick google search didn't get me any closer to finding out, but I did run into Majesty Farm's Cow and Goat Share Program. As the link explains, the cow and goat share program allows people to buy "stock" in a goat or cow; the price of the stock includes the farm boarding and feeding your animal, regular vet visits, daily milking, and 1 gallon of milk a week per "cow share" or 3 quarts for a "goat share." The program allows people to get around laws prohibiting buying and selling raw milk (it's not illegal to own/drink milk from animal you own). It's too expensive for me, but I thought it was an interesting idea worth sharing.

Also, if you're like me, you may have run out of This American Life episodes to listen to. If so, I highly recommend Radio Lab.


Sean Tubbs said...

And, if you run out of Radio Lab episodes to listen to, you can check out the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. You might even start with a podcast from June 2006 about the area food supply - it's an edited version of a presentation made by a U.Va School of Architecture seminar.

secondhandsally said...

Awesome! Thanks.

SSA said...

(completely OT)
hi there, I read your comments on the whole Adrianne Curry/culturally ignorant issue on feministing and feministe , and I wanted to say thanks for not being cynical and cruel, but taking a tack that advocated educating and change.
Good lord, now I sound like a stalker! I'm not. I was just happy to see that for once...that rationality thing...!

- ms oread